Our story

MAJO candles were inspired by a trip to Kerala taken by founder Jodi Curtis in 2011. Famous for its lush hillsides, palm-fringed beaches, meandering waterways and fragrant spice plantations, the pace of life in Kerala is languid compared with the bustling cities of the Indian north. Even the capital city of Kochi, the historic spice harbour that’s now home to more than 2 million people, maintains an atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxed elegance.

It was in Kochi that Jodi happened upon the scene that inspired MAJO candles: a garden party held on a perfect summer’s evening on the shores of the Arabian Sea. In a beautiful walled garden, with incense and chai-spice hanging heavy in the air, musicians sat beneath an ancient weeping willow playing sitar and tabla. Guests mingled in the sultry evening: talking, laughing and clinking crystal glasses. Dotted around the garden, suffusing everything with a warm and even glow, were the biggest and most exquisite candles Jodi had ever seen.

These oversize candles, each appearing like a smooth, sculpted pillar, created an atmosphere of instant enchantment: restful, romantic and illuminating every corner of the garden with a soft and generous light. Jodi knew she had to track down the makers of these extraordinary candles and, in that moment, the idea for MAJO Candles was born.

In a workshop in rural Kerala, Jodi located the skilled artisans who have been hand-pouring these unique candles for generations, each one a work of art. MAJO candles are made in the UK using the same traditional artisanal processes. Standing up to an impressive 1 metre tall and measuring 23cm in diameter, MAJO candles are the biggest outdoor candles on the market. They are specifically designed to be used outside, staying alight even in wind and rain, and burning for up to 600 hours. A true statement piece, a MAJO candle will bring a sense of enchantment to any outdoor gathering.  

“Just like me, my customers love to create an incredible atmosphere when they entertain. Beautiful surroundings, lighting, food, drink and friends are essential for a truly memorable evening. I hope these candles will transform your outdoor events, bringing a magical atmosphere evocative of that Indian garden party where it all began.”

 - Jodi Curtis, Founder of MAJO Candles


Jodi Curtis - Founder - Hand Finishing A MAJO Giant Outdoor Garden Candle