Our story

A visit to India in 2016 was where it all started for MAJO founder Jodi Curtis. Needing a break from her busy career in advertising, she accepted an invitation to stay with her uncle in a remote part of Kerala.

Jodi fell in love with the place, entranced by the warmth and beauty of the people, and the noticeably slower pace of life. One night, Jodi's uncle Micky took her to a party in a beautiful walled garden in a nearby village. With incense hanging heavy in the air, musicians played sitar and drums under a weeping willow tree. Smiling guests mingled and chatted while enjoying steaming cups of spiced chai. And dotted all around the garden, casting the most incredible light, were the biggest, most exquisite candles Jodi had ever seen.

These oversized candles – almost sculptures in their own right – became the inspiration for Jodi to quit her London job and set up MAJO Candles. Jodi tracked down the highly-skilled artisans who make these huge candles using centuries-old techniques. And now, MAJO Candles commissions and imports exclusive, metre-high candles for its highly discerning customers. MAJO Candles are the ultimate outdoor accessory and the only candle of its kind available in Europe.        

'Just like me, my customers love to create an incredible atmosphere when they entertain. Beautiful surroundings, lighting, food, drink and friends are essential for a truly memorable evening. I hope these candles will transform your outdoor events, bringing a magical atmosphere evocative of that Indian garden party where it all began.'



Jodi Curtis - Founder - Hand Finishing A MAJO Giant Outdoor Garden Candle