BIg, beautiful outdoor candles

MAJO RUMI 1 metre tall white outdoor pillar candle with MAJO logo, not lit, in garden setting with garden furniture, chair and table

Create an elegant ambience for your outdoor space

Our exclusive, oversize pillar candles bring an elegant ambience to your outdoor entertaining. Specifically designed to be used outside, our 1 metre tall candles stay alight even in wind and light rain. Combining refined British design with Indian artisan craftsmanship, MAJO candles bring a magical atmosphere to any occasion, allowing the celebrations to go on long into the night.

Big is beautiful

Our candles are the biggest on the market. Standing up to 1 metre tall and measuring 23cm in diameter, they create a real statement in any outdoor entertaining space. Specifically designed to be used outdoors, each one of our huge, handmade candles will burn for up to 500 hours.


Staying power

Our oversize candles have a unique wax formulation which means they stay alight in the wind. The large flame created by our extra-thick coated wick can even withstand light rain – a must in our somewhat unpredictable British climate.


A magical atmosphere

Evoke the feeling of a magical garden party by grouping MAJO candles in threes or fives to create an elegant, glamorous ambience. Your guests will love the gentle light they emit, plus the candles themselves create a stylish statement in your outdoor entertaining area.