BIg, beautiful outdoor candles

MAJO outdoor candle, 1-metre tall stands in a garden next to a table and chair

Create a decadent candlelit ambience with MAJO outdoor candles

Our exclusive, large outdoor candles bring an elegant ambience to your outside space. Specifically designed to be used outdoors, MAJO candles stay alight even in wind and light rain. Combining refined British design with centuries-old artisan techniques, MAJO candles will create a magical atmosphere for any outdoor occasion.

Staying power

MAJO outdoor candles stay alight outside, even in the wind and light rain. Specially designed to withstand the elements, the extra-thick wick and unique wax formulation create a magnificent flame that burns through the night.

Let your garden glow

Create a luxurious atmosphere by grouping MAJO outdoor candles together. Whether you're setting the mood for your own private outdoor sanctuary or welcoming guests to your garden, you can create a magical moment with the warm glow of candlelight.

Big is beautiful

Our tallest outdoor candles measure an incredible 1-metre in height and 23 cm in diameter. The ultimate statement piece for any outside space, our large outdoor candles will burn for over 600 hours.


What our clients say

'They stay alight all night'

We're so delighted with our MAJO candle. We have it on a terrace overlooking the garden where we entertain. It gives off such incredible light, and even on a windy night, they don't go out!

- Suki Alexander, Notting Hill

'Perfect for dancing by candlelight'

As soon as we saw them, my wife and I immediately fell in love with MAJO Candles. We light them in our garden for parties and dance though the night. There’s something so magical about them.

- Christian De Monte, Victoria Park Village, London

'Everyone comments on my candle'

My MAJO candle is so unusual, people always comment on it. They can't believe the size! I have mine on my patio in France. I love the way it looks late at night when we're sitting around after dinner. So beautiful.

- Sue Knight, Dordogne

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