5 Ways To Create Your Own Garden Party Vibe During Lockdown

Now that we’re in lockdown for the long haul, all travel is halted, bars and restaurants are closed, and seeing friends or family isn’t an option, it’s more important than ever that we find or create our own ways of coping and relaxing. One of the best ways, we think, is enjoying the outside space you have access to during this time. 


MAJO was inspired by an incredible garden party in Kerala, India. Jodi, our founder was utterly wowed by the scene. Set in a walled garden with the scent of chai spice lingering in the air, the sounds of musicians playing sitar and tabla, and enormous candles emitting a warm glow, the party was something special. 

Travelling to India and attending one of these parties for yourself is obviously out of the question for the foreseeable future. The idea behind MAJO is that people are able to replicate the atmosphere of the party for themselves in their homes. We’ve put together five suggestions on how to do this in your own outdoor space and create a beautiful tranquil sanctuary, the perfect antidote for the upheaval and disruption accompanying our current situation. 

1. Sounds 

Nowadays music is, to use a cliche, at our fingertips. With such easy access, we’re able to use it to create any atmosphere we fancy. To set the tranquil, garden party mood, we recommend starting with Maribou State’s Glasshouses. The idea for the song came from the band’s journey by houseboat through Kerala. Find it here and see where you end up! 

2. Lighting 

One of the biggest factors that contribute to the magical and peaceful atmosphere is the lighting. Lit during the evening, our candles create a warm, enchanting glow in your garden. If you have a lot of outside space, our larger candles are perfect. The candles are created specifically for outdoor use, with a large wick that has been designed to withstand a breeze and won’t go out in the wind. During lockdown, they’re excellent for helping to create your own peaceful sanctuary and when normality is restored, they make a real statement and are the perfect addition when you’re entertaining outdoors. 

Whether you have a sprawling country estate or modest city terrace, we have a range of MAJO candles to suit your space. Position our 1-metre tall candles either side of a grand entrance or create a warm glow with our 60 cm candle near a seating area. Placed in groups of three, our MAJO candles can create interest and soften dark corners of your garden. 

3. Scents 

Try burning incense in your garden. It feels incredibly luxurious to perfume the air in your garden. We recommend looking out for sandalwood, cardamom and Nag Champa (a scent which combines sandalwood with either magnolia or frangipani) for an authentic Indian feel. Alternatively, head down to your local garden centre and replicate a garden similar to those in Southern India. Common flowers there with a great scent are Jasmine, Tuberose and Rose - all of which can be planted at this time of year. We love this company, PlantSavers, in particular, which is working with nurseries and growers to make sure plants aren’t wasted during the UK’s lockdown. 

4. Comfort 

If you’ve got the space, it’s important to create somewhere that's physically comfortable as well as peaceful in terms of your senses. If you don't have garden furniture, or if you would rather simply sit on the ground, take out some blankets and cushions and set them on your lawn, patio, balcony or decking. 

5. Drinks 

The all-important drinks! With the beautiful weather we’re enjoying in lockdown, it’s a real treat to be in your garden with your favourite tipple. This is your sanctuary, so choose whatever makes you happiest. If you want to recreate the Indian garden party vibe, we’ve found a charred lemon, rosemary and coriander gin and tonic recipe from Sprinkles and Sprouts which we think perfectly combines India and England. Char and cool your lemons; pop the gin into a jug with coriander seeds and rosemary; lightly bash the aromatics with a wooden spoon and strain before serving with tonic water, ice and a handful of peppercorns. Check out the full recipe here.

Safe Delivery with MAJO: 

We are still up and running and delivering our candles. Of course, we are now operating slightly differently, though, and ensuring we adhere to the social distancing guidelines. Being a very small team, we are able to make sure everything is done safely. Our smaller range is delivered by courier and so these candles can be left on your doorstep. Ordinarily, we offer an installation service for the large candles but, given the current situation, this has had to stop. As soon as we’re able to enter people’s homes again, we will begin installing our candles for customers once again. For now, we can talk you through any questions you have over the phone. If you have any queries about our new delivery processes, call us on +44 207 315 4211.

If you’re interested in using candles to create your own garden sanctuary, take a look at our range here or call us on +44 207 315 4211 for more information.

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