Like A Moth To A Flame. What is it about candlelight?

The very idea for MAJO Candles came from a beautiful garden party in India back in 2016. Founder, Jodi Curtis, attended the party in Kerala and it was this event that led her to quit her previous career and set up MAJO Candles. The party was set in a walled garden with musicians playing, incense burning and, most importantly, giant outdoor candles lit and casting a beautiful light over the party. From that moment, Jodi knew she had to create MAJO Candles to allow you, our customer, to recreate a similar atmosphere for parties and gatherings in your own gardens. 

MAJO candles are large, between 60cm and 1m in size, and are designed specifically for outdoor use. We’ve created candles that don't go out in the wind, won’t be damaged by rain and won’t melt in the sun. There are brands that have released outdoor candles for use in gardens, but none compare with MAJO’s in terms of size. They also tend to have multiple smaller wicks, rather than just one large one. This means you have a collection of smaller flames and these smaller flames are much more likely to be blown out and affected by the weather. Not only are MAJO candles works of art in their own right, they are also completely unique. You won’t find anything else like them in Europe. 

There’s plenty of studies on the effects of natural light and artificial light on the human brain and mood. We know that natural light is great for melatonin production and helps people to feel relaxed. Various studies show that artificial lighting can make people feel hyper-alert and assertive - the opposite of what you’d hope for guests at your party. 

Flames, in particular, are fascinating to humans. We know this from the booming candle industry which has continued to grow over the last decade. Their flickering motion and beaming light have a mesmerising effect on us. We love to gather around it and feel its warmth. Some say the reason we’re drawn to fire is primitive, it’s in-built. Research from the University of California suggests that it’s a result of the fact that we don’t master how to control or produce fire as children. Interestingly, in cultures where creating fire is a life skill taught to children, adults are less attracted to fire. 

Whatever the reason, we know that a flame is a real focal point at a party or get together and that it provides an area where people want to congregate, too. We hope that by lighting a MAJO candle in your garden you can gather your loved ones together, encourage them to put down their phones, forget about social media and connect with one another, face to face. 

MAJO candles can be placed either side of doorways or archways, dotted around your garden, in the corners of walled areas, on patios or on steps to create a cosy and relaxed mood. You might want an arrangement of candles together in the centre of your garden for a summer garden party but prefer them next to your garden furniture on nights when you’re not entertaining. (It goes without saying that safety should always be your first priority when placing your candles.)

On our website, you'll also find a Candle Care Kit available to purchase, containing a chrome jet flame clipper lighter and chrome snuffer. Both of these products are essential when it comes to using our candles. You will need a butane gas lighter as the wicks are really thick - they won’t light with a regular gas lighter that you’d have at home. MAJO candles are designed to stay alight in wind, which means they can be difficult to blow out when you want to extinguish them. A snuffer is an elegant and easy way to do this when it’s time for lights out. You can find everything you need to know in terms of how to use and maintain your candles to their full potential here

If you’re interested in dressing your garden with MAJO candles, contact us on 0207 315 4211, email hello@majocandles or follow us on Instagram @majocandles for more updates. 

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